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The range of on-road industrial engines comes from the experience acquired by VM Motori in both the industrial and vehicle sectors. The R750-EURO VI engines have evolved according to the restrictive EURO VI standards using exhaust gas treatment and recirculation systems (DOC and DPF + SCR with cooled EGR). The same engines are also available with Stage V approval for non-road mobile machines.

The main characteristics of these engines as a tunnel base (great flexural and torsional stiffness), cylinder liners (better adaptation to temperature variations), hydraulic tappets (less noise), geared distribution (high precision of the injection phase), possibility to apply power take-offs for both single and tandem hydraulic pumps, together with an application flexibility that, by exploiting a vast portfolio of specific applications, complete an offer able to meet all the required needs.





CylindersInjectionMax PowerEmission

R 754 EU6C


4 Common rail

84 kW/ 115 HP

EuroVI-C Stage V

R 756 EU6C

4.5 6 Common rail

120 kW/ 163 HP

EuroVI-C Stage V

R 756 IE3

4.5 6 Common rail

120 kW/ 163 HP

Stage IIIA

R 754 TE3

3 4 Mechanical Injection

59.8 kW/ 83 HP

Stage IIIA

R 756 EU6

3 6 Mechanical Injection

70 kW/ 95 HP

Stage IIIA


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