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Everything you need for a complete engine overhaul

What began over 75 years ago as the foundation of our company has become a specialty that enjoys far beyond our region recognition and appreciation. CF Tech is the preeminent specialist in the overhaul of diesel engines and cylinder heads. Our technicians guarantee a thorough follow maintenance, repairs, (dis ) assembly of spare parts and diagnostics of engine and system failures and remedy .

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Edit Valve seats

Marine Propeller Shafts

Vertical fine boring


Engine reconditioning

Cylinder Block

Power test dynometer

Cavitation damage

One of the most expensive problems damage to your engine (s) is cavitation damage ! But small cracks may already lead to such damage that needs to be replaced throughout cylinder . Slowly but surely , the sealing edges and adjacent surfaces / holes of the exhaust valve seats eaten away by the cooling water. It is generally difficult to trace , let alone to repair the damage , for example, an oversized valve seat. Unfortunately, there is also the option that expires completely if the cavitation investigations reveal too serious!

For more information please feel free contact us, we are happy to help .

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